TCTM Scorpion Cap Conversion & Details – Razor Edge Group

Due to popular demand of the TCTM-800 (Scorpion Color), all manufactures are currently out of stock and there is no ETA at the moment. Currently all TCTM-800 cap orders will be modified by Razor Edge Group to have the hook and look front patch panel removed prior to shipping. All front patch panels will be removed carefully and the stitching will be barely visible. Please note you may see small stitching holes if you look REALLY carefully (it is really hard to notice). As always, if you are not satisfied with your order, we will send you a FREE return label to return the product to us for a full refund. Thank you for your understanding.

The modification looks 99.99% identical with the front patch panel removed. Only difference is that Razor Edge Group carefully removed the front patch panel.

The OCP Scorpion pattern is so well designed that it camouflages the removed stitching 😂😂😂

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Condor TCTM Mesh Scorpion OCP Cap Color Changes

Please review the following photos for the Scorpion OCP caps with the meshing backing. With different lighting, the cap will look different in color.


Razor Edge Group also has a final alternative which we can customize a Condor Tactical Cap to have FULL Scorpion OCP backing instead of a mesh backing and the front patch area removed. Please click this link for the product.

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